How to Paint Fir Trees In Watercolor

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Fir trees are common elements in landscape paintings. This lesson shows you how to create fir trees for your landscape paintings. Getting the shape right – but not too even – and changing color, value and temperature shows dimension.  

These fir trees are really easy to paint in watercolor. The work well in landscape scenes from all seasons.

See how to paint them in this quick and easy video!

Transferring the Drawing Layout

The downloadable layouts are done with heavy lines to make it easy to see and copy onto your watercolor paper. It is best not to draw the lines too heavy on your paper, especially in the sky, since there is a good chance the lines will show through the paint. It’s not a deal-breaker, but those heavy pencil lines are sometimes a distraction.

Materials Needed


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Enjoy This Free Lesson. We Have Over 200 In-Depth Watercolor Painting Tutorials. Access All With A Monthly, Quarterly or Annual Premium Memberships

Enjoy This Free Lesson.  We have over 200 Premium in-depth watercolor lessons and tutorials.  All accessible with a low cost monthly, quarterly, or annual Membership.

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