How To Paint An Autumn Tree In Watercolor

This lesson shows you how to paint a bright, colorful fall tree with really basic techniques – wet-in-wet, dry-in-wet and drybrush. If you paint landscapes, this lesson is a must!

If you are new to watercolor, this lesson will give you a great start on different ways to handle transparent watercolor paint.

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That Autumn Color

At the peak of fall color, our eyes are bombarded with vivid color from the bright foliage.  It is a treat for our eyes, but makes a difficult challenge for the artist.  On individual trees, the color is often more uniform than it seems. One way to get great looking fall trees is to keep the color simple and uniform.  It will match the look of most fall trees and will help hold your subject together.

Those Autumn Leaves

Another key to painting great looking fall trees, is to think of the leaves in groups rather than as individual leaves. The visual riot we experience in the fall compels us to really focus on the beauty of indivdual leaves.  In a painting, it is best to focus on the mass shapes of leaves together.  When painting groups of leaves it helps create a unified shape and actually makes it easier to paint and allows some additional “flourish” with our brushwork.

This lesson will show you how easy it is to get great looking trees with so little effort. Even better, the lesson uses three basic techniques: wet-into-wet, dry-into-wet, and drybrush.  So, it’s a great lesson for painting trees and a great lesson for learning the basic ways to handle the beautiful medium of watercolor!

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