Paint Winter Bare Tree In Watercolor

Simple Techniques Make This Easier Than It Seems

Wintertime is when we get to see the structure of trees. When looking at winter trees, or photos of winter trees, two things become apparent. The first is that trees are all different. The second is that the underlying structure is complex and a little intimidating.

The Shapes Of Trees

It is essential for landscape painters to get to know trees of all shapes and sizes. This is best accomplished by drawing or sketching them, many of them, to fill your own internal library with lots of images. It will make it easier to add trees to your paintings and have them look right.

Simplifying The Complex Structure

The structure of bare trees seem complicated. The basic watercolor drybrush technique makes it easy to give the illusion of a full canopy while keeping a random and painterly look.

This lesson will shows how to paint the portrait of a single winter tree. It covers the techniques and ideas needed to create a great looking winter-bare tree.

What you’ll need:

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