Autumn Landscape Scene

A Simple Fall Landscape Scene With Aerial Perspective

This lesson shows how to paint a simple autumn landscape scene. We’ll use a warm color scheme while trying to capture the effect of aerial perspective. Its an easy and instructive lesson.

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This lesson was requested by one of our community members!  I always take requests so don’t hesitate if there is a topic or lesson you’d like me to cover.

In this video we’ll paint a fall landscape scene and, again, explore the techniques that help depict aerial perspective in a landscape scene.

Really, depicting aerial perspective is pretty easy with some simple rules: Objects in the distance are lighter and cooler (meaning bluer), their color is less intense and there is less detail.  Objects closer to us are just the opposite: they are darker, warmer (meaning more red, yellow or orange), more intense (meaning brighter) and there is more detail in them.

We’ll work on all of those things in this video.

What you’ll need:

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