Autumn Landscape Scene

A Simple Fall Landscape Scene With Aerial Perspective

An easy lesson that shows how to paint a simple autumn landscape scene, using warm colors and the effect of aerial perspective.

In this video we’ll paint a fall landscape scene and, again, explore the techniques that help depict aerial perspective in a landscape scene.

Depicting aerial perspective is pretty easy with some simple rules: Objects in the distance are lighter and cooler, their color is less intense, and there is less detail.  Objects closer to us are just the opposite: they are darker, warmer, and brighter and there is more texture and detail.

We’ll work on all of those things in this video lesson.

What You’ll Learn

  • Create Distance/Aerial Perspective – use shifts in color, value and temperature to depict the sense of space and distance – this is aerial perspective
  • Rough brush – using the side of the brush with a light touch; this is especially effective for creating rough texture for weeds, grasses and rough patches of earth
  • Gradation – simple gradual changes in color on ground planes simulate subtle light effects

Watercolor Techniques and Ideas Used

This lesson is based on two basic watercolor techniques and

  • Dry-Brush (FREE Lesson) – or rough-brush technique is effective at creating rough textures. Combined with proper Direction of Stroke, rough texture is effective at depicting a range of light effects, subjects, surfaces and more. This is an ESSENTIAL technique for any watercolor artist.
  • Wet-In-Wet (FREE Lesson) – this basic technique is key to creating soft textures that create the look of spray and mist
  • Side-brush stroke – using the side of the brush with a light touch; this is especially effective for creating controlled rough edges

What you’ll need:


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