Turn A Sketch Into A Quiet Seascape Painting

 Develop Shapes, Colors and Values For A Finished Painting

In this lesson, we start with a simple, quick seascape sketch and develop it into a finished painting. We go through the process step-by-step making it an easy lesson. We start with a quick sketch.  It’s better to have that as a start – click the link below to create the quick sketch.


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Start With A Sketch, Finish With A Painting

In this lesson, we start with a completed two-minute sketch and develop it into a finished seascape painting.

We’ll develop the unfinished sky and foreground, show light and form on the rocks and create reflections in the water.

If you want to follow along but don’t have the original two-minute drill painting, click the button above to view that video.

In continuing our quick-sketch, two minute drill, we’ll be using a limited palette of color in an Cool Analogous With Complement scheme.

What you’ll need:

Rocks In Water Image

Maybe Start With This

This project starts with the completed sketch from this lesson.

You can click here to go back and follow that lesson to create your starting point. Or, just download the drawing layout, above – and get in the initial washes to form the basic structure of the painting. 

Either way, we’ll develop what you have into a nice quiet and easy seascape scene. 

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