Still Life Watercolor Painting Lesson

Use Warm Analogous Colors With Their Complements To Enliven A Simple Scene

This is a still life composition that presented itself from the leftovers of a studio snack! The collection of items, plate, napkin, knife, empty tea mug and remains of an orange peel was a simple scene that had to be painted.

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 Warm Analogous Color Scheme with Complements

This lesson uses a simple color scheme of warm analogous colors with two complements. The combination adds life and vibrancy with color and temperature contrasts. The warm dominant colors range from yellow-orange to red-violet mixed from three palette primaries. The complementary cool notes are a blue-green and blue violet, also mixed from two palette primaries.

High-Key Value Arrangement

To keep the composition light and airy, we’re using a high key value arrangement.  This means that that the range of values used in the painting will be narrow and most will be from the lighter end of the value scale.

What you’ll Need


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