Value Sketch Composition For A Simple Still Life

A Quick Overview Process From Original Sketch To Value Arrangement

Preparing a value composition sketch for your painting is always a good idea. In this lesson, we go through the process of creating a value sketch for a new painting working with an old observational sketch. The process is really quick and easy. Even better, it will help strengthen your paintings through simplification of shapes and values.  Follow along to see how it’s done.

Finding Inspiration In An Old Sketch

Inspiration for the next painting is as close as your sketchbook!

It was easy to find a subject for this lesson by following the habit of going through old sketchbooks. In this case, the subject was found in a sketch that inlcuded a vase sitting on a table top with some lemons and plums laying nearby.  The part of the sketch that included the lemons and plums seemed perfect for the work need in this painting lesson.

Value Sketch Process Demonstrated

This short lesson shows the process of working from a sketch reference but making changes to create a more effective value composition for the painting.

The process is just started in this lesson. It is finished up in a related lesson – Lemons and Plums Still Life Watercolor Painting Lesson.


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It is worth following especially because it shows and demonstrates the idea of translating a value shape into a value range. 


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