Value Sketch Composition For A Simple Still Life

A Quick Overview Process From Original Sketch To Value Arrangement

Preparing a value composition sketch for your painting is always a good idea. In this lesson, we go through the process of creating a value sketch for a new painting working with an old observational sketch. The process is really quick and easy. Even better, it will help strengthen your paintings through simplification of shapes and values.  Follow along to see how it’s done.

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Finding Inspiration In An Old Sketch

I was looking for a subject to use as a simple painting that would include work with three particular skills. As usual, it is my habit to go through old sketchbooks to find something that would work. In this case, I found and old sketch that inlcuded a vase sitting on a table top with some lemons and plums laying nearby.  The part of the sketch that included the lemons and plums seemed perfect for the work I  had in mind for the painting video. 

This short video, talks about the process of working from a sketch reference but making changes from the original sketch to create a more effective value arrangement for the painting. Although you can download a copy of the completed value sketch to use with the Related Video – Lemons and Plums Still Life Watercolor Painting Lesson – I recommend downloading the drawing layout and trying a few of your own – just for practice.


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The value sketch created in this lesson is the basic composition for a small painting. The video lesson of the painting can be seen here.

Value Sketching