Painting Early Spring Trees

Paint The Structure And The Beginnings Of A Leaf Canopy

This lesson is about painting a tree in early spring, and especially the subtle difference between the look of trees between winter and spring. 

Easy techniques for great looking early spring trees

In early spring, trees look much like they do in winter. The difference is that budding leaves create a blush color at the end of branches. The effect is easy to capture in watercolor with a specific brush technique that leaves soft and rough textures for subtle representation of budding stems.We’ll add a little dimension to the trunk and branches.

It’s all easy techniques that leave a great, professional result.

Note On The Drawing Layout

The drawing for this painting is simple and can be traced or drawn free-hand.  You’ll see that the lines on my drawing layout are fairly dark so that you can see them on the screen. But, I recommend drawing them lightly since we will be using mostly light colors and values in this painting.  It isn’t a big problem if the pencil lines show through a watercolor painting, but sometimes they are distracting.

What you’ll need

  • Medium round, small round, rigger
  • A couple simple mixtures – Cobalt Blue and Burnt Sienna for the tree trunk and branches, Cobalt Blue and Raw Sienna for the buds
  • Watercolor paper – preferably Arches 140lb Cold Press about

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