Easy Figures For Your Paintings

Get These Two Things Right For Great Looking Figures

Figures add life and atmosphere to your paintings

They can  seem difficult so we often avoid them.  This lesson shows you two important aspects – measurements, really – to get right.  Once you do, the figures will look just right.   It’s an quick, easy lesson that will get you on the road to adding figures to your work. 

easy figures for your landscapes

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Figures For Mood, Atmosphere and Animation

You’ve probably wanted to add figures to your paintings and maybe even tried but ended up with less than great results.  Figures placed as part of the over all scene are really not difficult.

Our attempts at adding figures often goes wrong because we work too hard at it and don’t quite get the proportions right.

Easy Figures Are – ‘Easy’

The first thing to know is that figures placed as part of a scene are only representations. They need only to show those aspects of a figure that we would easily recognize as if from a distance. Mainly that is the head, torso, arms and legs.  As you’ll see in the lesson, all can easily be created with quick marks or strokes of the brush.  If you have tried placing figures in your paintings, you may have really labored over shape, size, light, color.  For the most part this is not necessary and usually doesn’t work real well.

Important Proportions

One of the main reasons that figures go wrong is that the proportions are off.  Male and female figures have a set of proportions that are easily measured in relation to the head and face. Once you have this and keep your figures within these general proportions, your figures will look right.

Construction of the body and torso is also imporant and will help distinguish male figures from female figures.

We cover both of these important considerations in this lesson.

What you’ll need for this lesson

Ready for some easy figures? Let’s jump in!

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