Figures For Your Watercolor Paintings

Figures Walking

This lesson show how to paint figures that are walking

Get those people walking! Learn more about human proportions and the various postures of walking figures.

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Walking Figures

If you’re going to add figures to your painting, there’s a good chance you’ll want some of them moving – meaning walking.  It looks a bit more natural and certainly creates the sense of a more active scene.

Just as with standing figures, there are important measurements and proportions. Getting these right almost guarantees the right look for a walking figure. 

This lesson takes a look a the proper proportions and where the elbows and knees are connected and bend.  

We often avoid adding figures to our paintings since they seem difficut. Indeed, close up detailed drawings and paintings of the human figure are difficult.

But for purposes of painting, understand that figures are only representations. Certain elements and “symbols” of the human form are easily represented, especially if they are at a distance. The head, torso, arms and legs are most of what you need and can easily be created with quick marks or strokes of the brush.

Making your figures walk is a matter of proper symbols along with posture and proportion.

This lesson shows how to get walking figures just right.


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Ready for some easy figures? Let’s jump in!

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