Spooky Halloween Scene With Pumpkins

Don’t Be Frightened! Try This Fun and Challenging Scene!

This lesson is for Halloween! 

But, don’t fooled by the fun and frivolous scene. The lesson will challenge your skills with some really dark darks and managing layers to get that internal glow from the pumpkins that have been carved into jack 0′ lanterns.   
Don’t be afraid…   

Halloween Pumpkin Scene

This is a fun and frivolous scene but will really stretch your watercolor painting skills.  

There are three things we’ll really focus on in this lesson: getting really dark darks, painting the pumpkins so we get them to ‘glow’, using low intensity neutrals to get the effect of night and moonlight. 

The Challenge of Dark Values

One of the biggest challenges in any watercolor is getting good dark values.   It is really important in night and low light scenes.  It is always a good idea to have a value scale handy when you are painting.  For this scene it is really crucial.  If you don’t already have one, this free lesson will show you how to create a serviceable five-step value scale.  In this case, the darks are really concentrated on the trees and the shadows. Although it may not seem important to get really good darks, in this case, the darks are needed to show off the dim light of the moon and the glow from inside the pumpkins. 

Internal Glowing Light

Halloween pumpkins and jack o’lanterns are lit from the inside. The flesh and skin are thin enough that it’s possible to see the glow when it is dark outside.  We’re going to get that effect in this painting lesson by layer bright colors and contrasting them with darker warms.  It’s a tricky process but you’ll see how to do it.  

Drawing On Watercolor Paper

Whether you free hand or trace the drawing layout onto your paper, it is recommended that you use lighter lines.  Even in this lesson with its mostly darker values, it’s a good idea that will minimize the chance of stray lines showing through the paint. 

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