Aerial Perspective In A Simple Value Sketch

Quick Lesson On Value Sketch Process With A Simple Composition

A Value Composition Sketch pattern that works well to show – and exaggerate – aerial perspective.   This is also another easy lesson in the process of value sketching.

Aerial Perspective

Aerial Perspecitve – also called Atmospheric Perspective – is a visual effect caused by the condition of the air. It creates the sense that the color of objects farther away seem to be cooler and, especially, lighter.  It is most apparent on humid days.  Even more so on rainy ones.

The Value Sketch As A Composition Tool

Developing the habit of creating a value sketch is one of the easiest and best ways to improve your paintings. The concept of value and it’s “value” to the artist is covered in this Value Learning Track.

Artists have composed their paintings using simple arrangements of large value shapes for centuries. Many famous works are based on simple arrangements of value, similar to the one in this lesson.

This value arrangement is the underlying composition for another project – Aerial Perspective In A Rural Scene.

What you’ll need

  • Brushes – Medium Round, Small Round,
  • Colors – Some dark neutral color, such as Ivory Black, Payne’s Gray, or Sepia.  You can also mix a good neutral from Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna.
  • Watercolor paper – a small, postcard sized piece of watercolor paper – even the back of a scrap will do.


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