Paint A Red Pomegranate In Watercolor

A “Juicy” Subject In Red

Pomegranates have been associated with prosperity since ancient times.  Seemed like a good subject for the beginning of a new year!  There’s a lot of  red to deal with and no real matching color on the palette. We’ll work quickly with familiar basic techniques.

Quick Study Of A Colorful Subject

This lesson is a quick study of a single pomegranate done quickly with really simple techniques.   We’ll work with and mix two common reds to come up with the right color for this bright subject.

Quick studies can be a little nerve-wracking. There’s always the fear that one of those quick strokes goes bad.  You’ll see that it happens in the lesson but the correction is not difficult, especially staying fluid when painting.

Note On The Drawing Layout

The drawing for this painting is pretty simple.  The layout includes lines placed on the pomegranate to mark the location of an area of highlight and to show the edge where light meets the shade on the surface.  This is helpful, especially when working fast. An alternative is to develop these edges by observing the subject – either directly or from a photo. T

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