Sketch – Quickly – For Looseness and Control

This is a quick and easy lesson. It’s fun but will help you develop the ability to use and control that wonderful looseness that is so compelling in watercolor paintings.

Our subject is Hummingbirds.  We’ll do two quick sketches of Hummingbirds in flight, using a technique to show the “blur” of the rapidly beating wings.

The emphasis is on “sketch” and “looseness” which means using lots of water. To get good color and color strength, it will be important to use a lot of color as well.

Use a brush that seems to big for the size of the paintings. This will help bringing lots of water and color to the paper and will ensure that you won’t get fussy with details.


What You’ll Need:

  • Paint – the lesson uses Cadmium Red, Permanent Rose, Cobalt Blue, Thalo Green, and Lemon Yellow. But, feel free to use any colors you like.
  • Brushes – Medium Round, at least #14 in size, with a good pointy tip
  • Paper – a piece of watercolor paper about 7″ x 11″ in size. Arches 140lb Cold Press is recommended


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