Three Basic Textures For Watercolor Painting

This tutorial shows how to create each of the three basic textures. Using them well provides a visual richness in your paintings.

There are only three textures that can be created with paint and a brush: hard, rough and soft.  These three simple expressions of texture will suffice as substitutes for the wide and complex range of texture found in the real world.

Hard textures are common in watercolor paintings. It is a holdover from when we begin learning to paint this tricky medium and are concerned about controlling the water and still thinking about painting “things”. It is important to get skilled at the rough and soft textures. Their presence creates a visual richness that heightens the sense of realism for the viewer.

You’ll need:

  • Medium size round brush
  • Any color or puddle of color from your palette will do
  • Arches 140lb Cold Press or Rough paper


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