Are You A Beginning Watercolor Painter?

Or maybe an experienced but struggling one?

In either case, you already know that watercolor is a beautiful and unique medium. Using it well takes some time, but getting a handle on the basics is easy. This learning track will ease you in with information about the best supplies to start with, learning the basic techniques, and continues with some easy painting lessons.  This starts you out with info about materials and some tips that will help you get off to a good start.

Supplies And Materials For Watercolor Painting

If you are really just starting out, the first playlist shows you the basic materials you actually need, how to minimize their cost, and  getting set up to paint.  You can also download a Recommended Supplies And Materials booklet. It discusses the necessities and the optional supplies and has a single page buyers checklist as well. Pay close attention to the video about materials. Most folks buy too much low quality paint, brushes that are too small, and the worst kinds of paper to learn with – usually in an effort to save money.

Basic Watercolor Painting Techniques

There are really only a handful of watercolor painting techniques. Even the most accomplished watercolor work relies on these few.  The Basic Techniques playlist has four lessons; three cover the four basic techniques  – Wet-Into-Wet, Dry-Into-Wet, Drybrush, and Lift.  The forth lesson shows the three most common flaws – Blooms, Streaks, and Mud  – how to avoid them altogether, and how to fix them if you couldn’t avoid them. 

It seems to good to be true, but these techniques are the only ones you need to know. They’ll get you started and take you as far as you want to go. Get a handle on these four first! It will boost your ability right away. And will make it easier to make progress.

Also, watch the video on what can go wrong – blooms, streaks and mud.  You’ll want to avoid these and this video will show you how they happen and how to avoid them.

Easy Painting Lessons

After that, follow along on with four easy watercolor painting lessons. They will show you how to create a painting step-by-step, using some combination of the four basic techniques.  Like all Watercolor Methods lessons, these go through the whole painting process, step-by-step, explaining both what we are doing and why we are doing it.

Once you have gone through these playlists – especially basic techniques and easy painting lessons – you’ll be primed to explore and progress in your watercolor painting very quickly!

So – take the leap!

Supplies, Materials, Setting Up, Getting Started Painting

Watercolor Painting Supplies & Materials

Watercolor Painting Supplies and Materials

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Four Lessons To Get You Started

The Four Techniques To Know and Troubles To Avoid

Watercolor Painting Wet-In-Wet Technique

Watercolor Painting Wet-In-Wet Technique

Wet Into Wet Watercolor Painting Lesson This lesson can be watched with at least a BASIC MEMBERSHIP. Already a Member?  ...
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Then Try These Easy Painting Lessons

Summer Tree Featured Image

How To Paint A Summer Tree In Watercolor

How to Paint a Summer Time Tree in Watercolor Painting the summertime landscape will require painting trees with full summer ...
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Quick And Easy Way to Create Clouds In A Watercolor Sky

Quick And Easy Way to Create Clouds In A Watercolor Sky

A Quick and Easy Way To Create CloudsThis watercolor painting lesson shows you a very common, quick and easy way ...
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Two Easy Ways To Paint Water

Two Quick Easy Ways To Paint Realistic Looking Water In Watercolor

Water That Looks Right In Your Watercolor Landscape Paintings Painting Realistic Looking Water Is Easy This lesson can be watched ...
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Paint A Summer Sky and Landscape in Watercolor - Easy Painting Lesson

Paint A Summer Sky and Landscape in Watercolor – Easy Painting Lesson

Paint A Watercolor Summer Sky And Landscape This is an easy lesson for anyone - even beginners Learn how to ...
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Paint An Evening Sky In Watercolor Turorial Lesson

Paint An Evening Sky in Watercolor – Easy Painting Project

Easy Evening Sky and Landscape Scene in Watercolor Learn how to paint a clear evening sky with the simple wet-into-wet ...
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Easy To Paint Pine Trees In Watercolor

Easy To Paint Pine Trees In Watercolor

How To Paint These Easy Pine Trees In Watercolor We've all seen those tall, skinny pine trees that dot the ...
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Go On To These In-Depth Lessons When You Are Ready

Landscape Painting Lessons

Fast And Loose Sunset Landscape Painting In Watercolor

A Fast And Loose Landscape An Evening Scene With Two Watercolor Painting Techniques A combination of Wet Into Wet and Dry Into Wet techniques make this an fun, easy and imaginitive scene. Working fast and loose can be a challenge when you are not used to it, but speed...

Seascape Painting Lessons

Paint A Rocky Shore Seascape In Watercolor

How To Paint A Rocky Seascape On A Rainy DayThis watercolor lesson is about painting a rocky shoreline seascape. It's kind of a gloomy day at the coast in this painting. To catch the look of a gloomy, rainy day, we'll use neutrals and neutralized colors. And we'll get...

Flower Painting Lessons

Black Eyed Susans Watercolor Painting Lesson

Paint Black Eyed Susan Flowers In Watercolor  Summer flowers are always fun to paint. Black Eyed Susans are particularly fun - and challenging. In this lesson, we'll paint a group of flowers all together as one big shape and in vignette format. [mepr-hide...

Still Life Painting Lessons

Holiday Flower In Complementary Color Scheme

Poinsettia Flower Watercolor Painting Lesson Simplified Shapes and Complementary Colors For A Graphic ExpressionPaint this popular holiday flower using a complementary color scheme and simplified shapes for a uniquely expressive interpretation.[mepr-hide if="rule:...