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Our lessons teach methods and techniques that make this tricky medium easier! See all features below.

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Frequently Asked

- What Are Second Sunday's?

Second Sunday's are the monthly Member online get-togethers. They are 3pm to about 5pm every Second Sunday of the month. A typical Second Sunday opens with a Q&A session on anything watercolor related. Then there's an instructor demo or paint-along which gives everyone the chance to see and follow along with a new Watercolor Methods painting lesson.  The demo's and paint alongs are interactive sessions held on ZOOM.  Questions and clarifications are encouraged!

- Can I Pause Or Cancel My Membership?

Yes! Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Memberships can be paused or cancelled.  We recommend the 'Pause' option over Cancellation.

Pausing or Cancelling will temporarily (Paused) or  permanently (Cancelled) recurring billing. The account also loses access to Member content temporarily or permanently while paused or cancelled.  Paused Memberships can be "un-paused" which resumes access to Member content and re-starts the recurring billing 'clock'.  Cancelled Memberships cannot be resumed. Instead a new Membership must be created.  User ID's cannot be re-used with a new Membership. 

Note that terminating a Quarterly or Annual Membership prior to renewal date will not result in a refund.  

Lifetime Memberships cannot be paused or cancelled. 

- How Can I Join A Second Sunday Session?

The zoom link and other info for each Second Sunday Session is posted on the Second Sunday's Member page.  Weekly emails will also include reminders of upcoming sessions and links to the Second Sunday Member page. 

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