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  • A New Skill Building Lesson Every Week
  • A New In-Depth Painting Lesson Every Month
  • Watercolor Methods LIVE – Monthly Online Class
  • A Focus On Composition and Color



Auto renews every month

Pause or Cancel Anytime



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Frequently Asked

- Can I Pause Or Cancel My Membership?

Yes! Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Memberships can be paused or cancelled.  We recommend the ‘Pause’ option over Cancellation.

Pausing or Cancelling will temporarily (Paused) or  permanently (Cancelled) recurring billing. The account also loses access to Member content temporarily or permanently while paused or cancelled.  Paused Memberships can be “un-paused” which resumes access to Member content and re-starts the recurring billing ‘clock’.  Cancelled Memberships cannot be resumed. Instead a new Membership must be created.  User ID’s cannot be re-used with a new Membership.

Note that terminating a Quarterly or Annual Membership prior to renewal date will not result in a refund.

Lifetime Memberships cannot be paused or cancelled.

- Can I Change Membership Type

Yes! You can migrate the Membership Plan between Monthly, Quarterly, Annual and Lifetime.  It is not possible to downgrade from Lifetime to any other plan. To change the Membership Plan, go to the ACCOUNT page, Click Subscriptions and