Increase Watercolor Painting Skill With Studies

Studying Simple Color Concepts On A Simple Composition For Skill Building

 There’s so much to keep track of when we dive into a watercolor painting that it’s easy to lose track of what is happening with the color and value in the work.  The topic of color for the artist is broad, deep and complex. One of the best ways to learn about color is to learn it in small bits – isolating one characteristic or aspect and studying it alone. 

This section is filled with individual short, but in-depth videos where we take on some single aspect of color and studying it by painting a simple composition of three cubes sitting on a flat surface.  Although it may seem too simple or elementary to be and effective learning tool, you’ll find that these videos will be of great help in developing your knowledge of color.

As you work your way through the videos, take notes or perhaps do what I do and write on the backs of your studies. And then store the studies away in a portfolio where you can always look at them to refresh your memory or even use them as inspiration for a color or value arrangement in your next painting. 

Cube Studies – Color, Value, Chroma and Temperature

Four Ways To Show Shade and Shadow

Four Ways To Show Shade And Shadow Value,...

High-Key Value To Color In Watercolor Painting

High-Key Value To Color Watercolor Painting...

Converting Low-Key Value To Color

Low-Key Value To Color Watercolor Painting...

High-Key Value Arrangement Cube Study

Learn High-Key Value   Easy Subject...

Low-Key Value Arrangement Cube Study

The Low Key Value Arrangement   Quick...

Drawing Layout

Click the Button below to download the drawing layout. This same composition is used for all the videos above. It is a simple composition but is complex enough to allow for isolated studies of various characteristics of color and the interactions between them.  Using simple studies like this is one of the most effective ways of learning about the complex topic of color.