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Watercolor Methods online painting lessons are for everyone.  We teach and build on basic watercolor techniques. Build your skills with lessons on color, composition, perspective and more.  Every lesson is in depth and takes it step by step.

At least one new lesson added each week – over 185 lessons and counting!

Our Newest In-Depth Lesson

Painting Lemons In Light Bowl

Painting Lemons In Light Bowl

Still Life With Lemons - Capturing The Essence Of A Subject Focus On The Important Details  In this lesson, we're painting a very simple scene of three lemons in a white bowl.  It is the kind of scene that might lead us into painting every detail. Instead, we'll focus...

How About Some Sketching?

Day Lilies In A Vase – Watercolor Sketch Lesson

Day Lilies In A Vase – Watercolor Sketch Lesson

Paint Day Lilies On Hot Press Paper This lesson is a sketch exploration of day lilies We'll try to capture the look of day lilies with only their silhouette and some color information.  The characteristics of hot press paper will help us get subtle blends of color and...

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Landscape Painting Lessons

Evening Rural Scene Watercolor Painting Lesson

Paint A Barn And Rural Scene In Watercolor  This lesson takes you through the process to paint a representational rural scene.  It's an easy lesson and is made easier because we build directly on work from several previous lessons. This...

Seascape Painting Lessons

Paint A Rocky Shore Seascape In Watercolor

How To Paint A Rocky Seascape On A Rainy DayThis watercolor lesson is about painting a rocky shoreline seascape. It's kind of a gloomy day at the coast in this painting. To catch the look of a gloomy, rainy day, we'll use neutrals and neutralized colors. And we'll get...

Flower Painting Lessons

Creative Approach To A Common Subject In Watercolor

Painting Sunflowers With A Creative Approach  In this lesson we'll paint sunflowers. But, we'll challenge ourselves by using an unusual color triad, some less familiar brushes and featuring design and drama over subject. It's a fun lesson that will change your...

Still Life Painting Lessons

Painting Transparent Glass In Watercolor

Still Life With Transparent GlassAn Easy Watercolor Painting Tutorial About Painting Glass Painting glass objects seems difficult, but is really not. The key is to paint the objects you see through the glass and the way their shapes are bent, obscured and reflected in...

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Painting Lemons In Light Bowl

Painting Lemons In Light Bowl

Still Life With Lemons - Capturing The Essence Of A Subject Focus On The Important Details  In this lesson, we're ...
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Summer Sky Wet-In-Wet

Summer Sky Wet-In-Wet

Painting A Summer Sky And Clouds Wet-In-Wet  Wet-In-Wet Skies Look Best! This lesson shows how to paint a summer sky ...
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watercolor painting of a boat yard

Boatyard Scene In Watercolor

Paint A Boat Yard Scene With Direct Watercolor Method  This lesson will introduce you to the Direct Method The Direct ...
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Watercolor Methods Founder and Instructor – Tony Conner

I am a passionate and dedicated watercolor painter and enjoy helping others make progress in their own watercolor practice.

My watercolor painting journey was, I suspect, just like your own. I spent a lot of time trying to find those precious bits of free time that I could devote to learning, practicing and painting.

I’ve taught watercolor painting classes and workshops for the past 15 years. That experience has taught me a couple very important things about nearly all aspiring watercolor painters: nearly everyone struggles with the basic handling and techniques; along with getting a handle on those, some simple design and composition quickly improves everyones work.

Watercolor Methods lessons were developed with my own experience as a student as as an instructor in mind.  The lessons are in-depth and step-by-step. There is a focus on the fundamental techniques, composition principles and a good bit of explanation and insight into thinking and process.

I want you to enjoy the unique beauty and qualities of this medium the way I do and hope Watercolor Methods will help you on your watercolor painting journey.