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A New Subject With New Challenges – Landscape, Seascape, Floral, Still Life

Unleash Your Creativity

Discover your artistic voice, and create watercolors you never thought you could!

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My Journey = Your Journey

Hello there! I’m Tony Conner, a watercolor painter just like you.  Whether you are new to watercolor or have some experience, know that my journey has been just like yours. 

I took classes and workshops, watched videos, read books – anything that might help me improve and understand this tricky medium.  

What worked for me was an approach that included technique, composition and color ideas in understandable, bite-sized bits. 

Watercolor Methods integrates all three into easy to follow, self-paced lessons.

It’ll work for you no matter where you are on your journey  – from beginner to advanced.

I love watercolor and love to teach watercolor and hope to be a part of your watercolor journey!




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