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Watercolor is a uniquely beautiful medium that needs unique techniques and methods for sucess.

These FREE lessons will give you a taste of our lessons. Each is in-depth, step-by-step showing you the ‘hows’ and the ‘whys’.

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yellow irises watercolor painting

Wet-In-Wet Watercolor Technique

This is one of over 20 lessons on the basics of watercolor painting. It includes lessons on other basic techniques, supplies and materials, tips & tricks and some really easy lessons to get your feet wet.

black eyed susans in a blue vase watercolor painting lesson

Black-eyed Susans In A Vase

Learn to get the best from watercolor with this lesson!

Free-flowing washes and glowing transparency are unique characteristics of watercolor. This lesson shows how to get both with two basic watercolor techniques : wet-in-wet and dry-in-wet washes.

Forsythia in bloom and spring light in watercolor painting lesson

A Shoreline In Evening Light

Use simple whatercolor techniques for great effect and learn how to focus on the subject and build a strong composition from the start.

The composition design also helps capture the sense of warm evening light. 

Learn how in this lesson. 


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Learn The Methods That Tame This Tricky Medium!

I love helping others on their watercolor painting journey!

Teaching watercolor artists for over 18 years has taught me that nearly everyone struggles with the same problems.

With different learning methods and lessons designed to overcome common problems, your progress will be fast.

There is something for everyone – from beginners to advanced.

Let me help make your watercolor journey easier and faster!

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