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Basic Watercolor Painting Supplies and Materials

It can be difficult to know what watercolor painting materials to get when you are just starting out. It can be confusing for the more experienced painter as well.

This set of free Basic Materials Tutorials will guide you in selecting the materials that will help you get off to the right start. Especially – where you can save some money and where NOT to skimp.

The short tutorials that cover both the necessities: paint, palette, brushes and paper – along with the other supplies that will make your painting a little easier.

There is also a downloadable Basic Materials List to help you out when shopping.

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For Beginning Watercolor Painters

Take our FREE short course in watercolor painting.  It includes fourteen lessons and tutorials on the basic techniques that are essential to having success in this medium.

The first three step you through basic techniques – wet-in-wet and its companion the graded wash, and the dry-in-wet technique.  Next are three easy painting lessons use the three previous techniques.

The drybrush and lift techniques are next, along with a short tutorial on what can go wrong!   After that, practice your skills with two more painting projects and get tips on handling blooms and getting fresh color every time.

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Free Watercolor Tips and Tricks

Browse through this free video library for some helpful watercolor painting tips & tricks to help you through some of this mediums unique quirks!

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