About The Instructor

Tony Conner is a self-taught watermedia artist known for expressive en plein air landscapes and seascapes. 

No matter the subject, most of his work is done from direct observation, focusing on the quality and character of light and what it reveals about the subject.

His work is widely exhibited and appreciated for unique point of view and expressive handling of transparent watercolor in particular. 

He is a Signature Member of the New England and Vermont Watercolor Societies and an Artist Member of the North Shore Arts Association and the venerable Salamagundi Club.

He is based and does most of his work in the inspiring landscape of southern Vermont. 

About Watercolor Methods

Watercolor Methods was designed to share my  knowledge and offer a consistent regular way to learn watercolor painting.  

In teaching watercolor painting to many folks for nearly years, it’s clear that most people struggle with the same things as me when I was learning.  

Watercolor Methods Masterclass lessons were developed to address those specific things, while introducing skills, techniques and methods that help anyone make progress. The Masterclass is unique watercolor painting  learning experience that combines regular, self-paced lessons with LIVE Monthly online classes. It’s a program that will help you make progress fast.

And – NO, you don’t already need to be a Master. You only need a desire to be the watercolor artist you want to be!

There is something for everyone – from beginners to advanced. 

I love watercolor and love to teach watercolor and hope to be a part of your watercolor journey!

Not only do I love to paint in watercolor, I love to teach it as well. And I would love to become part of your watercolor painting journey. My Watercolor Methods Masterclass is a unique online watercolor painting experience that combines self-paced video tutorials and lessons with a monthly LIVE online watercolor class. The combination is a powerful method of making progress fast!

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  • Fundamentals Of Watercolor Painting – 7 Lesson Course – GREAT FOR BEGINNERS
  • Two easy watercolor lessons – use basic techniques for great looking paintings
  • Two more advanced watercolor painting lessons
  • Every Lesson is complete with all the info you need – materials, brushes, drawing layouts
  • Lesson go step-by-step with comprehensive explanations – the what, the how, and the why