About Watercolor Methods

Watercolor Methods was designed to share the knowledge master watercolorist Tony Conner. He is a noted artist with many memberships and awards to his name.

In teaching watercolor painting to many folks for nearly years, it’s clear that most people struggle with the same things when learning this tricky medium!

Watercolor Methods lessons were developed to address those specific things, while introducing skills, techniques and methods that help anyone make progress.

There is something for everyone – from beginners to advanced. Many lessons are short – 30 minutes or less and very few are longer than an hour.

I hope you’ll join me on your Watercolor journey!


Why Watercolor Methods?

Learn At Home

Learn anywhere, anytime, at your own pace

200+ Lessons

Over 200 in-depth, step-by-step watercolor painting lessons and tutorials

Special BEGINNERS Learning Track

Special set of twelve lessons especially for Beginnners!

Learning Tracks For Advanced Topics

Special Learning Tracks In Perspective, Color, Value, Light & Form, Painting Trees, and More

New Lessons Every Month

New lessons added at least every month

No Commitment

Pause or Cancel your Premium Membership anytime

Let’s Learn Together!

Watercolor is admired for it’s loose, flowing character, it’s lightness and it’s transparency.

It works and behaves differently than any other medium.

Join me on a watercolor journey and learn how to make the best of this unique and beautiful medium!