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We have lessons for landscape, seascape, still life and floral painting.

Along with Foundations Of Watercolor Painting learning tracks in Color, Value, Composition, Perspective and more.

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Foundations Of Watercolor Painting

Learning Tracks To Learn And Develop Important Foundational Skills

Watercolor Painting Supplies & Materials

Basic Materials

This section includes information and 6 short videos on basic watercolor materials.

There is also a Basic Materials Download


Wet-Into-Wet Watercolor Technique

Essential Watercolor Painting Techniques

For Beginners And For Brushing Up!

If you are new to watercolor or just need to brush up on the basics, start here! Ten lessons that teach the important basic techniques.

watercolor painting of red pomegranate watercolor lesson

Tips & Tricks

A few more things that might help your watercolor painting.  From stretching paper to limited color palette to sharpening pencils and more.

These are individual lessons. Click the lesson name below.

Fir Tree in Snow, Watercolor Painting from an online line lesson

Easy Lessons

Start here to ease your way into watercolor painting.

These lessons are simple and really focus on using basic techniques for professional results.


Advanced Foundational Watercolor Skills

These Lessons Are Grouped And Organized To Improve Your Painting With Important Concepts, Methods And Techniques


Value is a simple idea that is of utmost importance for the watercolor painter.

Skillful use of value contributes to both strong compositions and in creating a sense of light on three dimensional objects.

This section introduces Value and it’s use in developing strong compositions.


Color Basics

Color is a simple word that is really inadaequate for describing the complex interactions between four different aspects of color.

There are Four Characteristics of Color. They can be used separately and in combination to create a sense of light, form, space and distance in a painting.

This section includes a primer on the basics of color and its four characteristics along with examples and explanations of basic Color Schemes.

watercolor painting of red pomegranate watercolor lesson

Perspective For Watercolor Painting

This group of lessons are not painting lessons, but are so very important for understanding how to represent the 3D world in your 2D paintings.

Linear perspective is based on the simple idea that objects that are farther from you appear to be smaller.

These lessons will help you understand the basics and show how to apply them in a painting.