Neutralizing Color With Complements

Advanced Color Wheel – Part 2

In this lesson, we complete the middle ring of our advanced color wheel. This is an exercise in creating neutralized versions of the bright colors from the outer ring. All those bright colors are quite beautiful but can be too bright to look realistic. Most colors we see around us are not bright and vibrant, especially in the natural environment. They are also great for showing shade and shadow.

Follow this valuable lesson to complete step 2 of the Advanced Color Wheel

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Most of the colors you’ll see in the subjects you paint aren’t very bright. That is, they are low or lower intensity colors – colors that have been neutralized to some degree.

This video covers the simple method of neutralizing a color by combining it with its complement.

This is Part 2 of Creating a Color Wheel From Six Colors.  Make sure you’ve completed Part 1 before moving on to this one.

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