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Watercolor Methods has two enhanced Memberships that take you where you want to go in watercolor.

A Watercolor Essentials Membership includes everything you have in the FREE membership plus a large and growing library of watercolor painting lessons for landscape, seascape, still life and floral paintings. It also includes our “How To Paint” library for important landscape elements – trees, water, skies & clouds – and more coming soon.

My Watercolor Methods Masterclass is a unique online watercolor painting experience that combines self-paced video tutorials and lessons with a monthly LIVE online watercolor class. The combination is a powerful method of making progress fast!

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Unlock Talent, Potential, Style and Ability With These Enhanced Memberships

Unlock your talent and potential with a WATERCOLOR ESSENTIALS Membership. Includes a large and growing library of in-depth, self-paced watercolor lessons

Develop your style and ability with a WATERCOLOR MASTERCLASS Membership. Includes weekly tutorials, a new monthly lesson and a Monthly LIVE online class.