Paint Brushes On The Easel

 A Fast And Loose Two-Minute Skill Builder

Another fast watercolor sketching lesson. This time, we work on an artistic subject – a portrait of a couple watercolor paint brushes laying on the easel. Like all fast sketching lessons, this one builds skill by forcing you to work loosely and fluidly, create large compositional shapes and to pay close attention to your subject. All three are essential skills that fast sketching will encourage.

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Another fast and loose watercolor skill-builder.

This time, the subject – three watercolor brushes – are laying on the easel in front of me, so you’ll get the chance to watch me interpret the subject in a gestural sketch.

Quick exercises like this may seem like “throw-aways”. But remember that they are great skill – builders especially for working loose and fluid, brush control and in shape and composition simplification.

Plus, they are fun and don’t take much time!

Jump in and give it a try!

What you’ll need:

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