Create A Value Sketch For A Winter Night Painting

Find “Value” In The Value Sketching Process

This short lesson steps you through the process of creating a value sketch for a winter night painting. It covers both the basic sketch process and a way to think and explore your way through the creation of a painting composition.

Value Sketching In Short

The video lesson steps through both the thought and exploration process when creating compositions for a new painting.

The source is an incomplete sketch found in a sketchbook. It is of a group of barns clustered together on a hillside. The point of view is from above the barns, providing a bit of an unusual perspective.

Bright, full moon-light on snow covered fields is awe inspiring and magical.  This lesson shows how to re-create that magic. 

Finished Value Sketch

There are some obvious changes from the source sketch. Mostly in the form of the dark values added in the sky and  distant hills and mountains. The group of barns is pushed a little farther into the distance and the tree line in the middle-ground has been enlarged and darkened.

Winter Night Painting Lesson

Turn this Value Composition Sketch into a finished painting of a dramatic winter night scene. The painting lesson shows how to transpose value from the Value Composition Sketch into color. Since it is a winter night scene, there is relatively little color which provides the opportunity to work with an Analogous Color Scheme, based on a narrow range of blues. 

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Winter Night Painting

The Value Sketch created in the lesson above, is the underlying composition structure for this lesson. 

Night scenes are difficult for a number of reasons.  Starting out with a simplified value arrangement helps organize the elements, light and overall composition. 

Simplifying the composition with a value composition sketch  is a good idea for any scene or subject at any time of day. 

Value Sketch to Value Range/Color Lesson Pairs