Create A Finished Painting From Rough Sketch

The Key Is In Shapes, Edges and Values

In this lesson, we’ll take a quick sketch and turn it into a more finished painting. The key is in defining shapes, firming edges and arranging a realistic value range. It’s an easy lesson but you’ll need the underlying quick sketch. If you don’t have that, do it first. Scroll down to find a link the to the earlier lesson.

In this video, we’ll take a quickly executed and very rough sketch and turn it into a more finished statement. The starting point is one a “Quick Sketch” lesson – Quick Paint Project With An Artistic Subject.

The exercise really focuses on three things:

  • Establishing or re-establishing edges on the objects
  • Building up a range of value to show form and light
  • Adding just enough detail to add realism

It’s a fairly quick and easy exercise and demonstrates how little it often takes to bring an “unfinished” work up to a nice finish

What you’ll need:


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