The Power Of A Simple Value Composition

Simple Sketch to Dynamic Painting With Light And Mood

A simple color scheme, simple shapes, and simple techniques combined with a simple value composition lead to a beautiful evocative seascape scene.

Starting with a simplified sketch overlaid with a simple arrangement of dark, light and middle values, we create a painting of a beautiful ocean scene with soft evening light. We’ll use an anologous cool color scheme with a warm complement to capture the look and feel of the time near sunset at the oceanside.

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An Easy, Simple Evening Seascape Scene

This lesson will have you painting an evening seascape scene. It’s a simple composition with simple shapes and a complementary color scheme with dramatic value contrasts.

It really is and easy one.

From Value To Color

We’ll work from a simple value composition in which we divided our picture space into three areas – foreground, middle ground, and background. We then applied a different value over each space, joining some of our separate objective elements into the larger value areas.

The biggest difficulty in working from a value sketch is that there is a tendency to abandon our well designed value composition in favor of those internal impulses that want us to paint individual elements separately.

Jump in and follow along – this one is really quite easy.

What You’ll Need:


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