An Early Spring Landscape Watercolor Painting Lesson

A fun painting lesson that looks tricky, but is based on easy, basic techniques.

We’ll use every technique in the arsenal to pull this one off!  We’ll get realistic looking spring “bud” greens, paint the lacy look of buds on tree with and easy technique, and show a slippery, muddy road with easy.



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The Landscape in Transition

The landscape in early spring shows the signs of life and change that will become summer.
In this lesson, we learn to capture the look of early spring – from the bright yellow greens of budding trees to the sparkling look of muddy, wet roads after a spring rain.
We’ll use every technique in our arsenal for this painting – wet-into-wet, dry-into-wet and drybrush.

Let’s get brushes, paint, paper and get started!


What you’ll need

  • Brushes –  1 1/2″ flat, 1″ flat, 1/4″ flat, medium round, small round and the rigger
  • A palette with your colors – Cobalt Blue, Permanent Alizarin Crimson, Lemon Yellow, Burnt Sienna, Raw Sienna,
  • Watercolor paper – preferably Arches 140lb Cold Press cut to about 7″x 11″

Get ready, turn on the video and let’s jump in!

Painting An Early Spring Tree

Learn the easy way to give trees the look of early spring

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