Paint A Barn And Rural Scene In Watercolor

This lesson takes you through the process to paint a simple country scene with barns and other things common to rural scenes.  It’s an easy lesson and is made easier because we build directly on work from several previous lessons.

What You’ll Learn

In this lesson, use basic watercolor painting techniques to create the look of a misty, rainy day.  We’ll cover:

  • Soft texture – to create the look of distant objects and grassy fields
  • Rough brush – for getting the look of rough, weathered boards and wood and dirt roads
  • Limited Palette – this painting uses a simple Primary Triad for all the colors in the scene
  • Capturing Light – use Color and Value contrasts to create light and form

Watercolor Techniques and Ideas Used

This lesson is based on two basic watercolor techniques and

  • Dry-Brush (FREE Lesson) – or rough-brush technique is effective at creating rough textures. Combined with proper Direction of Stroke, rough texture is effective at depicting a range of light effects, subjects, surfaces and more. This is an ESSENTIAL technique for any watercolor artist.
  • Wet-In-Wet (FREE Lesson) – this basic technique is key to creating soft textures that create the look of spray and mist
  • Side-brush stroke – using the side of the brush with a light touch; this is especially effective for creating controlled rough edges
  • Creating a sense of light and form – this requires the use of color and value contrasts

Easy To Follow Painting Lesson

By itself, this is an easy lesson that should be accessible to anyone – even beginners. We go through the painting process in a methodical, one layer at a time approach.  Nearly everyone will have success with it.

But, this project is really built on several previous lessons.  Although it isn’t necessary to really follow it, this lesson is actually a culmination of an earlier composition lesson, a fun technique painting lesson and incorporates the ideas from an earlier color triad lesson.

it may change your thinking and dramatically change your work.

What you’ll need

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