How To Fix A Bloom

Blooms in your watercolor painting are unexpected and discouraging. But, they can be fixed. This short lesson shows how to fix watercolor blooms with a step-by-step process. Follow along to see how easy it is!

Fixing Blooms In Your Watercolor Painting

It is best to avoid blooms in your painting – it’s one of three common watercolor painting problems that can be avoided.

But, if you happen to end up with one anyway, it is possible to fix it following the step by step process in the video tutorial below.

One thing to keep in mind is that some colors (pigments) are easier to lift than others. Many watercolor pigments are strong stains. They stain the paper and other colors and are nearly impossible to remove completely.

Removing a bloom, even if it involves a staining color is still worthwhile, especially on an otherwise nicely done painting.

  • A soft brush
  • Lots of water!

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