How To Paint Trees

Part 4 of Five Lessons – Trees Singly and In Small Groups

This lesson is the forth in a series of five lessons about getting better looking trees in your paintings.  This lesson is about tree ‘portraits’ – those trees that sit usually sit in the middle distance so that we see the whole tree.  

Painting Trees Singly Or In Small Groups

This lesson is the forth in a series of five lessons about upping your tree game. The lesson shows techniques and considerations for painting trees by themselves or in small groups in the middle distance. Generally, at that distance we get to see the whole tree or trees, so overall shape, proportion, and creating a sense of consistent light is important.

There are two exercises to practice techniques for painting these middle distance trees Then we’ll continue working on our simple summer landscape scene.

As mentioned, this is lesson four of five. It’s recommended that you follow all five in a row, especially if you want to complete the summer landscape painting.

The five lessons are:

How To Paint Trees – Introduction

Mixing Greens For Your Landscapes

How To Paint Distant Tree Lines

How To Paint Single Trees and Small Groups (this one)

How To Paint Trees Close Up 

Drawing Layout For Any Painting

One note on the drawing layout. The downloadable layouts are done with heavy lines to make it easy to see and copy onto your watercolor paper. It is best not to draw the lines too heavy on your paper, especially in the sky, since there is a good chance the lines will show through the paint. It’s not a deal-breaker, but those heavy pencil lines are sometimes a distraction.

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