Realistic Trees For Your Landscape Paintings

Part 1 of Five Lessons – How We See Trees

Knowing what we see, helps what we paint

This lesson is the first in a series of five lessons to help you get better looking trees in your paintings.  This is not a painting lesson. Instead, it is a short video to help you see how trees appear differently depending on their distance from us, and whether they are by themselves or in groups.

How We See Trees

Trees really do appear everywhere in most landscape scenes. It is likely that you’ll see trees far away, in the middle distance and perhaps even close up.  Distance is one important factor that affects how we see them.  It also affects how they should be represented in a painting.

This lesson is not a painting lesson. Instead it provides a visual introduction to the various ways trees look and need to appear in a painting.

It is also the first of a series of five lessons aimed at helping you create great looking summer trees for your landscapes.

The next four lessons in order are:

Mixing Greens For Your Landscapes

How To Paint Distant Tree Lines

How To Paint Single Trees and Small Groups

How To Paint Trees Close Up 

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