Value To Color

Value Composition Sketches are invaluable for strengthening your compositions and your paintings as a result.  Creating them requires shift in thinking that can be difficult when the idea and practice is new.

In this lesson we’ll use a simple value sketch from an eariler lesson as the basis for a color study. The goal for the color study is to create a nice light effect while maintaining the value composition structure.

Painting Color – Keeping Value

If it is new, you’ll face another difficulty when putting color to paper – that is the tendency to abandon the well designed value composition in favor of those internal impulses that want us to paint individual elements separately and literally.

This lesson is an easy introduction to working in color while maintaining the values as defined in the Value Composition Sketch.

The key to getting it right is in allowing yourself to ‘see the big picture’ first and to ignore the impulses that lead you to think too literally about the objects in your painting.

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