Practical Perspective – Part 2

Just Remember Convergence

This lesson shows the practical ways that Linear Perspective will help your watercolor paintings.   As you know, Linear Perspective is based on the simple reality that objects farther from you appear to be smaller. This is true for objects very far in the distance as well as things like the more distant parts of objects that are nearer or farther away. Edges, whether real or implied, seem to converge at Vanishing Points located on the Horizon Line aka Eye Level line. This lesson is easy enough but it’s a good idea to watch the three lessons on basic one-point, two-point and three-point perspective before this one.  There is also a lesson on basic linear perspective ideas and definitions.

Once you’ve gone through those, it will help cement the one single thing that is important to remember when drawing scenes for your paintings.

Process For A Finished Painting

This is one in a series of lessons that work through the process of developing a strong composition for a rural farm scene in morning light. The lessons are listed in order below.  It isn’t necessary to work from beginning to end, but it will give you insights into a process that will strengthen your work and will boost your confidence when facing that blank piece of paper!

Practical Perspective Part 2 – The current lesson

Value Composition Patterns Group 2 – This lesson discusses a related group of value composition patterns that are found in many paintings.

Value To Color Studies For Morning and Evening Light – It can be difficult to maintain values defined in a value composition sketch when workning in color. This lesson practices that skill while demonstrating how to use a simple primary triad to reveal morning or evening light.

Color Study For Farm Scene In Morning Light – This lesson was done with the final painting in mind. It explores a color palette that works well to express cool morning light.

Farm Scene In Morning Light – This lesson steps through the final painting using the layout, a value composition and color study from the lessons above.


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