Winter Trees In A Winter Landscape Watercolor Painting Lesson

A Variety Of Grays, Browns and Neutrals In A Dynamic Composition

This painting is based on a photo of a gloomy early winter scene. The painting is made interesting and dynamic with a simple value composition and lively neutral colors made by mixing ‘earth tones’ with blues.

Value Contrast For Focus

In this painting lesson, we’ll use a simple two-value composition to create a main subject and center of interest out of a group of trees. In the reference photo, the trees are simply part of the landscape and seem to melt into the surrounding scenery.

In preparation for this painting, we created a simple, two-value composition sketch that would emphasize the tree line while keeping the eye moving through the scene.

Color For Winter

Our painting is a gloomy winter day scene. To pull it off, most of the colors need to be grays and browns. We’ll make sure to avoid monotony by creating a variety of neutrals with subtle color out of three ‘earth tones’ and two blues.

Learn more about how to explore and mix color for the winter landscape with this lesson.

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