About Our Video Streaming

Watercolor Video Streaming – Manually Adjusting The Speed


Streaming video over the internet can be tricky. The experience is affected by a number of factors. The two most important are the speed and quality of your internet connection and the device you are using to view the videos.  The resolution quality of the video is also a factor, with higher resolution HD type videos having more information and therefore requiring a faster internet connection and a device with enough power to keep up.

In order to make the experience as easy and pleasant as possible, Watercolor Methods hosts the videos with Vimeo. All of our videos are filmed in standard Hi-Definition, which creates great looking, high resolution video. When a video is uploaded, Vimeo re-encodes it into several other lower resolution versions.

Each video post has an “embedded” Vimeo player that responds to the streaming environment – namely the speed of the connection and the streaming device. It uses this information to stream the version with the resolution that fits the environment. For most people, this works just fine.

But, sometimes it’s not quite right so the video seems to be slow to load or spends a lot of time buffering or becomes “pixelated”.  When that happens, you have the option of manually changing the settings.  Clicking the gear icon on the video control bar (see video above or picture below) opens a menu which allows manual choice of video resolution. Lower resolution videos – 540 and 360 on the menu – will work better on lower speed internet connections and on older devices.

Watch the short video, above, or follow the easy instructions, below, to adjust your video speed if needed.