How To Paint Shiny Ornaments In Watercolor

It’s all about the reflections

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 Christmas ornaments may not be your thing, but they are great subjects when learning how to paint reflections and reflective objects. It seems difficult, but it’s actually easy if you follow a couple simple rules.

The key to reflections is in sharp value contrasts and hard edges. We’ll use both to get a really nice effect on a couple bright, shiny ornaments.


  • Using hard-edged texture for distinct reflections
  • The important placement of light-dark contrasts
  • The few ‘rules’ for painting reflections and reflective objects

Holiday ornaments are some of the shiniest things you’ll ever see! Painting them is very instructive. We’ll use two ornaments in this painting. One is a simple round orb. The other has a more complex shape and decorations.

Togther they make an attractive little scene and will be good practice for painting reflections.

Reflections always seem like a difficult subject. Like anything else, they are really easy if you simplify and stick to easy “rules”.

Follow along this lesson to see how easy they really are.

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