Basic Linear Perspective For Watercolor Painting

The word ‘perspective’ tends to make painters very nervous. The concepts seem mysterious and unattainable for most of us. The truth is that the concept and system is very simple and the technical drawing part is not difficult at all.  Once you have learned a few basics, it will be easy to understand and apply in your work.  This series of lessons introduces you to the basic ideas behind one, two and three point perspective.  You will encounter scenes and subjects that require application of two-point perspective most of the time.  One point perspective applies in many situations as well.  The need to apply three-point perspective in a painting is relatively rare.

All linear perspective systems are based on the simple idea that objects that are farther from you appear to be smaller.

The objective – or “real” – world exists in three-dimensions: height, width and depth.  Our drawings and painting exist only in two dimensions: height and width.

 Perspective, or linear perspective, is a system for representing the illusion of depth on a two-dimensional surface.


Lessons About Basic Linear Perspective

Follow this set of four lessons to get the basics. Then check out the lesson “Drawing Buildings So They Look Right” which includes practical application of two-point perspective.



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