“How To Paint” Lessons

Lessons and Tutorials That Focus On Single Subjects

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How To Paint Elements Of The Landscape

Fir Tree in Snow, Watercolor Painting from an online line lesson

How To Paint Trees

Learn To Paint Great Looking Trees With This 9 Lesson Series


  • A simple method for getting height and width proportions right
  • Creating three dimensional form
  • Painting trees in every season
  • Techniques for pine and fir trees

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watercolor study of reflections and movement on water

How To Paint Water

Six Lessons Show How To Make Water Look Right In Your Paintings


  • Two important ideas and two easy ways to paint water
  • The importance of soft and rough textures for making water look right
  • Create the look of water with the right representations

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How to paint a summer sky in watercolor

How To Paint Clouds & Skies In Watercolor

Six Lessons Show How To Paint Skies and Clouds With Easy Techniques


  • The three textures for watercolor painting and how to create them
  • The graded wash and using it for simple, beautiful clear skies
  • Combining two basic watercolor techniques for soft, dimensional clouds

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