Membership Plans & Pricing

Watercolor Masterclass

Join the Masterclass with one of two recurring Membership plans : Monthly or Yearly.

Both are FULL Memberships, with access to the entire program and video libraries.

MONTHLY  MEMBERSHIP is a great way to get started. It includes a TWO-WEEK free trial just to make sure the Masterclass is right for you.  After two-weeks, $29 charged to the billing account set up during registration, and then on the same day each month thereafter.

YEARLY  MEMBERSHIP is the most cost-effective membership plan. This membership plan is $244 per year and includes a 30% DISCOUNT off the monthly plan.  The membership fee is charged on your payment method on the same day once a year. 


Monthly Membership



Full access to the entire lesson library including EXCLUSIVE Skill Learning Tracks

A Skill Building Tutorial Every Week

A brand new full-length lesson every month

Live, Online Class Every Month – Q&A, Member Painting Critiques, Live Demos

Great value, low monthly price.

Pause or cancel your membership at any time – no contract or minimum

Membership automatically renews the same day every month


Annual Membership


Access all the same content as the monthly plan

Save 30% over monthly membership

Far less than the cost of a single class or workshop

The most Cost-Effective Way To Experience This Immersive Watercolor Experience

Membership automatically renews the same day every year

Pause or cancel your membership anytime.


How does the 14-day free trial work?

The Monthly Masterclass Membership comes with a TWO WEEK trial period.

Once you’ve created your MonthlyMasterclass Membership, you have full access to the entire library of Watercolor Methods lessons and tutorials.  You’ll also be included on the weekly Masterclass email which brings you a new skill challenge, an important tip or trick, a new monthly lesson and more.

If you decide the Masterclass Membership is not for you, simply cancel within the first 14 days. Your account won’t be charged.

How often do you release new lessons and tutorials?

There is a new full-length, in-depth watercolor painting lesson released every month. Every week there is a new skill building tutorial with ideas and exercises that support the Monthly Subject. 

Do I need to be an Advanced watercolor painter for this program?

No! Watercolorists at all skill levels will benefit from this program – even Beginners. Weekly skill building challenges are focused on practicing and learning specific skills that support the Monthly Learning Objective.  

Building knowledge and skill piece-by-piece and then learning to combine them in a painting is the fastest way to make progress painting watercolor.

I'm just starting out in watercolor. Is this program for me as a Beginner?

Yes! It is. Althought its called the Masterclass, the intent is to teach you how to master this beautiful and tricky medium.  All full-length lessons are presented step-by-step, with clear explantions and especially important points emphasized.  Techniques are demonstrated and explained and important skills are highlighted.

One of the things the Masterclass will do for a Beginner is help them to NOT develop many of the bad habits that self-taught watercolorist often acquire when learning on their own. 

Can I cancel at any time?

You may cancel or pause your Masterclass Membership at any time. Note that it is better to Pause the subscription rather than Cancel. The membership price increases from time to time.  If you cancel a membership and decide to re-join, it will be at the current price.  

Paused Memberships can be un-paused, also at any time. Resumed Memberships begin billing at the original price. 

You can pause or cancel your Membership from the Member Account page. A link to the Account page can be found on the Your Lesson Library page. 

Student Success Stories

‘The critiques I received were eye-opening and helped me improve my shading techniques significantly.’ – Emily R.

‘Learning about color mixing in this class has allowed me to create more dynamic paintings.’ – Mark T.

‘The composition lessons brought a new perspective to my art that I hadn’t considered before.’ – Sarah W.