Spring Landscape With Forsythia Watercolor Lesson

This lesson shows how to capture the bright blooms of Forsythia in early spring light.


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    • Learn how to make the best of a unique, tricky color
    • Learn to use the surface of the paper for sparkle and texture
    • Using basic techniques confidently for a sophisticated look

The real keys to success are the underlying value composition and choice of color palette which were worked out and chosen ahead of time!

The main subject of this painting is the small burst of bright yellow forsythia that meanders across the mid-ground.  The painting also features bright early spring light, illuminating the entire scene, including the forsythia. The paint is handled in loose, flowing way that makes the most of it’s natural transparency – really enhancing the light, airy feel of this spring day.

Lesson requires a WATERCOLOR ESSENTIALS or MASTERCLASS Membership.

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