Masterclass Schedule

Calendar Of Upcoming Themes, Release Of New Lessons and Monthly Live Classes

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August 2024 Theme:

“Down From Above/Up From Below”

Paint a scene from unusual high and low points of view.

August 2nd – Skill Tutorial – 3 point linear perspective

August 9th – Skill Tutorial – Forshortened Shapes

August 16th – Skill Tutorial – Composition Considerations For Unusal Viewpoints

August 23rd – New Lesson : Seascape From Above

August 25th – MASTERCLASS LIVE 3pm US Eastern Time

September 2024 Theme:

“The Long Light Of Late Summer”

As the fall equinox approaches, shadows get longer in the morning and evening, offering opportunity for an added dimension in  summer landscape scenes.

September 6th – Skill Tutorial – Warm light/Cool light

September 13th – Skill Tutorial – Shadow for composition, light and contour

September 20th – New Lesson : Late Summer Morning Landscape

September 22nd – MASTERCLASS LIVE 3pm US Eastern Time

October 2024 Theme:

“The Autumn Nocturn”

Spookiness is the theme for this month. We’ll explore the ‘nocturn’, night scenes, maybe even with witches, ghosts or goblins!

September 27th – Skill Tutorial – Neutral Hues For Low-Light And Darkness

October 4th – Skill Tutorial – Pooled light; Ambient light

October 11th – Skill Tutorial – Translucency in solid objects

October 18th – Skill Tutorial – Rim light

October 25th – New Lesson : Outside The Haunted Mansion

October 27th – MASTERCLASS LIVE 3pm US Eastern Time

November 2024 Theme:

“Figures For Your Scenes”

Let’s add figures to our scenes with easy methods and techniques to get them right.


November 1st – Skill Tutorial – Quick brush gestural figures

November 8th – Skill Tutorial – Accurate Proportions

November 15th – Skill Tutorial – Handling foreshortened limbs

November 22nd – New Full-Length Lesson : “A Thankful Gathering”

November 29th  – Happy Thanksgiving – No Tutorial or Lesson

December 1st – MASTERCLASS LIVE 3pm US Eastern Time

December 2024 Theme:

“Shiny Happy Things”

There’s lots of light, sparkle and shine at the end of the year.  

We’ll look at ways to capture it all this month.

December 6th – Skill Tutorial – Candlelight, Colored Light

December 13th– Skill Tutorial – Ribbon and Bows

December 20th– Skill Tutorial – Reflections in shiny objects

December 27th – New Lesson : Baubles And Bows

December 29th -NO LIVE CLASS THIS MONTH. Instead it’ll be a recorded critique of Masterclass Member work

January 2025 Theme:

“Winter Landscape”

It’s not all dark and gloom in winter. 

This month we’ll explore the illusions behind representational landscapes and create lively grays with colorful complements. 

January 3rd – Skill Tutorial – Bright Complements For Winter Grays

January 10th– Skill Tutorial – Landscape Illusion : Perspective and Scale

January 17th– Skill Tutorial – Landscape Illusion : Planes & Overlaps

January 24th– New Lesson : Sunlit Winter Landscape

February 2025 Theme:

“Dark Interiors”

Interiors are often dark, especially in winter. 

This month we’ll explore Low-Key Compositions, adding color in low light scenes, and casually posed figures. 

January 31st – Skill Tutorial – Low-Key Compositions

February 7th– Skill Tutorial – Color in Low Light

February 14th – Skill Tutorial – Reclining Figure

February 21st– New Lesson : Interior With Casual Figure

March 2025 Theme:

“Pink Bouquet”

Brighten late winter with some bright summer peonies.

This month we explore compositions that work for floral paintings, working with reds and pinks, and some ideas that work for painting reflective/transparent glass vases. 

February 28th – Skill Tutorial – Red to Pink

March 7th – Skill Tutorial – Composition for Floral Subjects

March 14th – Skill Tutorial – Transparency & Reflections

March 21st– New Lesson : Peonies In A Glass Vase

April 2025 Theme:

“Willow Trees : The First Sign Of Spring”

Learn to paint the challenging shape and foliage of the Willow tree. 

This month we’ll study these unique and beautiful trees and other elements of the spring landscape.

March 28th – Skill Tutorial – Painting The Willow Tree

April 4th – Skill Tutorial – Elements Of The Spring Landscape

April 11th – Skill Tutorial – Rain & Puddles

April 18th– Skill Tutorial – The colors of early spring

April 25th – New Lesson : Baubles And Bows

May 2025 Theme:

“Eclectic Colorful Still Life”

Colorful still life subjects provide the chance to explore color in all it’s aspects. 

This month we’ll find ways to manipulate and simplify separate characteristics of color to represent complex light effects. 

May 2nd – Skill Tutorial – Composing The Still Life

May 9th– Skill Tutorial – Color For Light & Form

May 16th– Skill Tutorial – Bounced or Reflected Light In Shadows

May 23rd – Skill Tutorial : Reflective and Non-Reflective Objects

May 30th – New Lesson : Colorful Still Life Scene

June 2025 Theme:

“Life’s A Beach”

Kick off summer with a visit to the beach!

Summer beach scenes give us the chance to work with High-key compositions and groups of figures. 

June 6th – Skill Tutorial – High-Key Compositions

June 13th– Skill Tutorial – Grouped Figures

June 20th– Skill Tutorial – Reflections On The Sand

June 27th – New Lesson : Beach Scene With Figures