The Simple Method For Learning Watercolor

Really learn to paint in watercolor!

Learn the “What”, “How”, and “Why” of this beautiful, unique medium!

  • Get Off To A Great Start As A Beginner!
  • Always Have Something To Paint
  • Develop Critical Painting Skills 
  • Work and Learn On Your Own Schedule
  • Download Info, Image References and Layouts For Each Lesson

Whether you are new to watercolor or have some experience, you’ll find lessons that will build skill and help you improve!

Our lessons address the typical challenges you face when learning this tricky medium! There is an emphasis ‘what’, ‘how’ & ‘why‘ in all.

There is something for everyone – from beginners to advanced.

Beginners and anyone else struggling with this unique medium will benefit with the lessons and tutorials that come with the  Free Membership

More experienced watercolor painters will learn and make more progress with one of our paid memberships – Aquarelle or Sable. 


Free Membership

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6 Easy Painting Lessons


Helpful tutorials on Basic Materials, Getting Set-Up, and the all important Basic Watercolor Painting Techniques.

What’s In A FREE Membership?


Free Watercolor Painting Lessons

Six In-Depth Lessons For Everyone

  • Learn to paint fir trees
  • Paint a simple summer sky & landscape
  • An easy shoreline scene
  • A quick sketch of a rocky shoreline…
  • … that you’ll turn into a quiet seascape scene
  • A spooky Halloween scene


These helpful tutorials

  • Six tutorials on basic watercolor techniques – GREAT FOR BEGINNERS!
  • Six tutorials on basic and essential watercolor materials & supplies
  • Seven helpful tutorials on getting started