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Paint and expressive winter landscape in watercolor

Paint An Expressive Winter Landscape

One of 12 Landscape Painting Lessons Available With Either Membership

Seascape, Floral & Still Life Painting Lessons Availble Too

Paint a rocky shoreline in morning light watercolor painting lesson

Seascape Painting Lessons

Your Membership includes 6 Seascape Painting Lessons. 

yellow irises watercolor painting

Floral & Still Life Painting Lessons

Your Membership includes 9 Floral & Still Life Painting Lessons.

PLUS: 3 “How To Paint” Series For Painting Trees, Water, Skies & Clouds

REALLY Learn To Paint In Watercolor!

Comprehensive video lessons and tutorials that explain the “What”, “How” & “Why”.

Lesson are inclusive and self-contained : everything you need to have and prepare is included with the clear, step-by-step painting demonstrations.

Two Membership Plans To Help You Make Progress Fast!

Watercolor Essentials


Everything In The Free Membership

12 Full Length, In-Depth Landscape Painting Lessons

6 Full Length, In-Depth Seascape Painting Lessons

9 Full Length, In-Depth Floral & Still Life Painting Lessons

“How To Paint” Lesson Bundles For Trees, Water, Skies, Glass and More

A New Lesson Every Month



Everything In The WATERCOLOR ESSENTIALS Membership


Access To The Entire Watercolor Methods Lesson Library

A Skill Building Challenge Every Week

A New In-Depth Lesson Every Month

Develop Your Personal Style

Monthly LIVE Online Class – With Q&A, Member Painting Critiques, Follow Along Demos & More

Included With Every Lesson

Reference Downloads

Lessons include helpful images and info like drawing layouts, reference photos and sketches and a copy of the finished work.

Video Tutorials

Every lesson is a video lesson with complete, step-by-step instructions and an emhasis on the “what”, “how” & “why”.

Watercolor Technique

Fundamental techniques are important in watercolor painting so there’s always an emphasis on using the right technique the right way


Good paintings are good compositions. “How’s” and “Why’s” of good composition are included in every lesson. 


Watercolor Methods lessons include important, practical color ideas to learn and use in your own paintings.

Comprehensive Methods

Lessons and tutorials are comprehensive and complete, with instruction in the “Whats”, “Hows” & “Whys”

My Story = Your Story


Whether you are new to watercolor or have some experience, know that my journey has been just like yours. 

I took classes and workshops, watched videos, read books – anything that might help me improve and understand this tricky medium.  Unfortunately, the traditional way of teaching and learning watercolor only gets you so far.  

It’s hard to believe, but the most sophisticated watercolor painting is built three things :  A handful of basic watercolor painting techniques; a simple approach to composition; and practical, easy-to-understand color ideas.  Watercolor Methods lessons integrate all three into comprehensive but easy-to-follow lessons.

Most Watercolor Methods Members are adult learners who find a focused approach that integrates

There is something for everyone – from beginners to advanced.


I'm just starting out in watercolor. Is this program for me as a Beginner?

Absolutely! All lessons are easily followed by watercolorists at all skill levels. The lessons are comprehensive and very well explained in a step-by-step way.  Each lesson is focused on a few key things, but all include considerations of technique, composition and color presented in a way to make it easy to understand and integrate. 

One of the greatest benefits of starting this program as a beginner is that it will help you avoid developing bad habits that are hard to undo later. 

How often do you release new lessons and tutorials?

Watercolor Essentials Members get at least one new full-length, in-depth watercolor painting lesson every month.

Masterclass Members get a new lesson each month along with weekly skill challenges. 

Can I download lesson videos to my home computer?

Watercolor Methods videos are not available for download. All video tutorials are hosted online making it easy to take a lesson from anywhere, anytime. 

Active Membership allow you to watch any lesson as many times as you like with no restriction or expireation.

How does the Membership billing occur ?

Your recurring Membership fee will be charged on the same day of each month or same month and day once a year for an Annual membership. 

Either type plan can be paused or cancelled at any time.

Active Memberships allow you to watch any lesson as many times as you like with no restriction or expiration.

Can I cancel at any time?

You may cancel or pause your Membership at any time. Note that it is better to Pause the subscription rather than Cancel. The membership price increases from time to time.  If you cancel a membership and decide to re-join, it will be at the current price.  

Paused Memberships can be un-paused, also at any time. Resumed Memberships begin billing at the original price. 

You can pause or cancel your Membership from the Member Account page. A link to the Account page can be found on the Your Lesson Library page. 

Are there discounts for Watercolor Methods paid Memberships?

Yes! The Annual Membership plans include discounts. Essentials Membership annual plan comes with a 25% discount from the monthly plan. Masterclass Annual Memberships have a 40% discount over the monthly membership. 

What materials, brushes and supplies are needed?

Each lesson has a complete list of materials and supplies needed. There are two introductory videos with each lesson. One is about the project  and includes info on the paper being used as well as the downloadable drawing layout and other references.

The second covers the paint and brushes used in the lesson. You may not always have the exact paper, paints, or brushes. That’s fine.

Don’t put off the lesson!  Just use what you have available.

There is also a Basic Material page with a series of videos on basic materials and supplies for watercolor painting. You can download a comprehensive list of materials here.

Try Some FREE Basic And Easy Lessons

Beginner Or Just Getting Started?


  • Fundamentals Of Watercolor Painting – 7 Lesson Course – GREAT FOR BEGINNERS
  • Two easy watercolor lessons – use basic techniques for great looking paintings
  • Two more advanced watercolor painting lessons
  • Every Lesson is complete with all the info you need – materials, brushes, drawing layouts
  • Lesson go step-by-step with comprehensive explanations – the what, the how, and the why