How to Paint a Summer Time Tree in Watercolor

Painting the summertime landscape will require painting trees with full summer foliage. It’s not difficult, but there are a few things to keep in mind while painting.  This watercolor lesson shows the basis techniques and info about color mixing for your summer time trees.   Let’s get started!


Painting Trees In Watercolor

If you’re a landscape painter, knowing how to paint trees is essential.  Making them look right really comes down to getting the shape, light and form to look right.

This lesson shows you how to quickly and easily paint a great looking summer tree without fussing with details and individual leaves. The secret lies in painting the tree as a single shape.  This will allow you to think about the shape of the tree and how light will reveal its form.

We’ll use simple basic techniques with special attention to showing rough edges that give the illusion of individual leaves without getting fussy.

We’ll also mix our green colors instead of using green from a tube. Mixing greens is a great way to get a realistic looking variety  of color.

It’s an easy lesson! Not to be missed if you like to paint landscapes.

What you’ll need


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