Paint Beach Scene With Figures

Work On Rough Paper Using The “Direct Method”

We take on a couple of challenges in this lesson. One is working on rough paper with decisive, direct strokes. We’ll try to capture the look of standing water on the beach with texture and reflections.  Just to add to the challenge, we’ll add figures to the scene as well!

Another Beach Scene…

Yes, it’s another beach scene…    But, we’ll be adding a couple of interesting challenges to make it interesting for you!

We’ll work on rough paper in this one. It’s a chance to learn how to work with, and get the best out of the texture on this paper.  We’ll also add a couple figures to provide life and atmosphere.  Adding figures is sometimes a bit scary – but you’ll see how easy it is in this lesson.

The Direct Method

Rough paper is an excellent surface to use the ‘direct method’. It takes direct brush strokes very well. These marks are usually very expressive and create great textural quality. The important thing to remember with the ‘direct method’ is that the color and value needs to be right each time.  Layering over direct method strokes often leaves less than desirable results. 

This is a great first lesson if you are not used to the direct method – and good practice if it is a time to time technique in your repertoire.  

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