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How To Paint Skies & Clouds In Watercolor

Six Lessons Show How To Paint Skies and Clouds With Easy Techniques


  • The three textures for watercolor painting and how to create them
  • The graded wash and using it for simple, beautiful clear skies
  • Combining two basic watercolor techniques for soft, dimensional clouds

Clouds and skies are part of just about every landscape painting. Usually they are the backdrop just there to provide a sense of space, distance, and light. 

They are best handled fluidly and directly – get it in and leave it alone! 

This lesson series shows how to get great looking clouds and skies everytime. It’s best to follow the lessons in order – from 1 to 6. Each builds on the previous lessons helping you build skill and confidence. 

Lesson requires a WATERCOLOR ESSENTIALS or MASTERCLASS Membership.

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