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Paint An Active Summer Sky

Use texture for visual variety and interest


  • Combining textures for visual interest/li>
  • Capturing the essence of a skyscape by combining simple techniques
  • Gain the confidence to work quickly and ‘leaving it alone

About This Lesson

Skies and clouds are endlessly varied – color, value, shape and more change continually and often dramatically in the course of a day – or an hour.  The nature of watercolor is perfect for painting skies and clouds.  Used fluidly and loosely, watercolor is also continually varying.

Loose washes also encourage color mingling that creates subtle changes that echo the look of subtle color shifts that can be seen in just about any sky in any sort of weather.

This lesson will show how to let the best aspects of the watercolor medium work for skies and clouds in your paintings and to create interesting, varied textures for visual interest.

What you’ll need:

  • Brushes – 1 1/2″ Flat, 1″ Long Bristle Flat, Medium Round (1/4″ wide at ferrule), Small Round (1/8″ wide), and a rigger
  • A palette with your colors – Cobalt Blue, Cerulean Blue, French Ultramarine Blue, Permanent Alizarin Crimson, Burnt Sienna, Raw Sienna
  • Watercolor paper – preferably Arches 140lb Cold Press cut to about 9″ x 12″ – slightly different proportions is OK


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